How It Works

If you want to hire FIG to improve your own relationship building skills, we will meet for a complimentary consultation to discuss your interests and needs.  If you’re looking to hire FIG as a benefit to your employees (and your bottom line), we’ll talk about what makes someone a good candidate for the program, and help you identify those rising stars within your organization. 

Once FIG has performed a needs assessment to evaluate current skill levels, we can then design a program specific to each individual, sign a contract, and get started. Our work together can happen wherever is most convenient for you, including in your office so you, or your staff, don’t lose valuable time commuting. 

We’ll work one-on-one through the modules of the program, exploring the individualized curriculum that will provide the tools to help you develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. If you think FIG’s program sounds like something you’d like to explore for you or your staff, contact us.

The Future Image Group Curriculum



Human beings are curious by nature. Access to the internet has given us the world at our fingertips; we can get the answer to any question in an instant. But asking the internet for an answer only gives you an answer.  Asking a person can mean the start of a conversation, a connection, and a relationship.



Networking is a mandatory skill for any professional, and very few people are actually taught how to do it, let alone how to do it well. FIG will do that. FIG works with our clients to develop interpersonal skills for our all-digital world, guiding them through effective in-person and digital communication.



Boundaries are seldom given a thought, yet are fundamental in any relationship, personal or professional. Our clients learn what their boundaries are, how they create those boundaries, how empowering those boundaries can be, and how to work within them.



The importance of face-to-face communication in business relationships is irrefutable, but technology is an incredibly important tool as well. Clients will explore how technology has changed their relationships, and the ways they learn about clients, colleagues, and themselves as a result.



To set the intention of how, when, and where we wish to interact is a key component to any professional relationship. FIG helps clients understand what conscious intentions are, and their importance to business relationships.


social anxiety

Social anxiety is a powerful motivator for people to use technology to communicate. Sometimes it’s easier to text or email rather than subject ourselves to being open with another person face-to-face, but avoiding situations that cause fear and stress can lead to social isolation.