5 Love Languages: Professional Edition

You’ve probably heard of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, which helps individuals understand what they need to feel loved and fulfilled and how they can best love and fulfill their romantic partners. These love languages, “Words of Affirmation,” “Acts of Service,” “Receiving Gifts,” “Quality Time,” and “Physical Touch,” can also be used to create successful friendships. However, what love languages translate to an office environment? Future Image Group has put together 5 love languages of our own that can be used in professional situations to fulfill everyone from employees to managers to executives.


Established Boundaries

Boundaries are essential in every relationship, but they’re often overlooked in professional situations. Offices that use this professional love language and respect their individuals’ working boundaries are happier, healthier places to work. For professional executives and managers, this professional love language means understanding and recognizing their employees’ need to have a proverbial safe space, in which their opinion is valued and respected. For individuals, practicing this professional love language translates into learning how to indicate their boundaries to colleagues and clients in a way that’s mature, appropriate, and empowering.

For employees and managers alike, this also means establishing boundaries between life at work and life at home. Keeping these two environments separate is key to long-term reduced stress and happiness.

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Intentional Conversation

This professional love language can cross over into personal relationships as well. To executives, managers, and employees alike, putting thought into conversation and interaction serves everyone equally. To set the intention of how, when, and where to interact is a key component to all professional relationships. Setting intentions consciously takes practice, but is much more fulfilling and efficient than conversations with no direction or purpose.

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Quality Communication

For some, what makes them feel the most appreciated and cared for in a professional environment is quality communication, meaning communication that has direction and the elements of  intention and genuine curiosity. Both managers and employees come away from quality communications, whether face-to-face or via email, with a clear picture of next steps and a feeling of self-assuredness. Quality communication leads managers and employees away from feelings of worry, stress, and frustration.

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Feeling Confident

Most individuals, whether they’re a manager, executive, or employee, feel their best when they feel confident in themselves and their work. Confident people are more productive, better at communicating, and more loyal to their company. For managers, creating a work environment in which your employees feel confident enough to perform at a high level without fear of negative reinforcement is an essential part of this love language. Helping employees feel confident and achieve a high level of self-assuredness in their work will pay off tenfold for your team or company.

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Achieving Fulfillment

Baby Boomers, Millennials,  and the other three generations in the workplace all have something in common. They no longer want to work in an environment that’s “just a job.” The men and women in today’s workforce are seeking more from their work than a paycheck. They want fulfillment on a deeper level from the office or job they exist in for 40 hours per week. This professional love language is becoming just about universal, so for managers and executives, creating a work space and teams that breach the traditional limits of a “day job” is of the utmost importance.


For individuals, achieving this professional love language in the workplace is something to strive for. Even companies with a long legacy are reinventing the way they do business to suit those who want a job to be more than just a job. 
Creating workplaces that give all employees a sense of achieving fulfillment is our speciality. 
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