FIG Book Club: September Recommended Reading

Welcome to the FIG Book Club!

Welcome to Future Image Group’s Book Club! Every month, we’ll recommend a book, abstract, or research paper related to personal and professional development in the workplace (which, in turn, is also related to the development of social skills and more meaningful personal relationships).  We hope you enjoy – and we’d love to hear your recommendations for books that have helped you or given you some insight on your own journey of professional or personal social development. 

The Second Mountain by David Brooks

Our recommended reading for September 2019 is a book called The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life by David Brooks. These days, we focus so much on individualism, freedom, and societal expectations of success that are placed on us that we forget to take a deeper look at ourselves and what truly makes us happy - connection with others through family, community, vocation, and philosophy and faith. 

The Second Mountain takes a look at how we view life through a story of two mountains. The first mountain is what’s expected of an individual through society to be considered successful - graduating college, getting a job in your field, getting married, and having a family. However, many people reach the top of the mountain and realize that this is not where they want to be; this is not their mountain. 

From there, we each go on a journey to climb our second mountain to achieve true happiness. This second mountain and our personal fulfillments often rely on the art of dependence on others and having true connections with family, community, vocation, and philosophy. 

The Second Mountain does not rely solely on an abstract narrative to tell the story, but rather takes a look at real people who have made this journey and have wisdom to offer on “how to choose a partner, how to pick a vocation, how to live out a philosophy, and how to begin integrating our commitments into one overriding purpose.”

Ready to get reading? Purchase your copy of The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life here!

The Second Mountain in Context

So why did we choose this book for for FIG Book Club’s September recommended reading? The Second Mountain works hand-in-hand with Future Image Group’s core mission of teaching individuals and business entities the art of cultivating meaningful face-to-face relationships.  We truly believe these relationships are at the center of a happy, healthy life and a healthier society overall. When we depend more on connection and less on technology, we can cut out feelings of isolation that lead to depression or worse, we can boost office culture and production, and we can ensure both personal and professional legacy through the lost arts of oral tradition and relationship building. 

What’s Next for Your Workplace?

Are you ready to take the deep dive into cultivating real, meaningful relationships in your workplace and personal life? When you sign on with Future Image Group, you’re giving your employees, your company, and yourself a gift  that will serve you for decades to come. Not only are you investing in the careers and lives of those you employ, but you’re also setting up the legacy of your business for long-lived success.

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