Future Image Group on "Undervalued the Podcast"

Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up.
— Michael P. Watson

At Future Image Group, we believe in helping others succeed, whether it’s a young professional in the world of business for the first time struggling with social anxiety, or a Baby Boomer who’s nearing retirement and is nervous about leaving their company in the wrong hands.


Our mission of teaching people of all ages to cultivate meaningful, intentional relationships goes hand in hand with the mission of Undervalued The Podcast. The Undervaluedhosts – millennial Roni Burgener and Baby Boomer Wendy Hall Bohling – are pursuing a future in which no one is undervalued in the workplace based on their age, ethnicity, race, or gender by exploring the diverse perspectives of exceptional men and women in the workplace.

Roni and Wendy were kind enough to interview me on the air to help get the message out about what Future Image Groupdoes, what FIGJAM means, and how we can help both individuals and businesses succeed with increased and more efficient workplace communication. The Undervaluedpodcast episode that features Future Image Group is called “The Generation Gap,” and features colorful stories, examples of failed communication, and ideas that give hope to all 5 generations currently in the workplace.

Check out the podcast here!