FIG Book Club: January Recommended Reading

Welcome to the FIG Book Club!

Welcome to Future Image Group’s Book Club! Every month, we’ll recommend a book, abstract, or research paper related to personal and professional development in the workplace (which, in turn, is also related to the development of social skills and more meaningful personal relationships).  We hope you enjoy – and we’d love to hear your recommendations for books that have helped you or given you some insight on your own journey of professional or personal social development.

The Eye Contact Effect

Our recommended reading for January 2019 is an abstract called The Eye Contact Effect – Mechanisms and Development by Atsushi Senju and Mark H. Johnson, published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

For many young professionals and professionals of all ages in the workplace, the proliferation of hand-held technology like smart phones and tablets, along with the explosion of social media and online communication, has engendered a new wave of social anxiety related to face-to-face contact, and further, direct eye contact. However, direct eye contact with another human being has irreplaceable and essential effects on a person’s well-being, closeness with others, and quality of relationships. The Eye Contact Effect – Mechanisms and Development, details these incredible cognitive effects.

Ready to get reading? Purchase your copy of The Eye Contact Effect – Mechanisms and Development here!

The Eye Contact Effect in Context

So why did we choose this book for for FIG Book Club’s January recommended reading? Here at Future Image Group, we are all about the art and science of creating meaningful relationships, quelling social anxiety, and helping people cross the generational gap in communication in the workplace. Understanding eye contact and its impact on how we socialize is an important part of creating successful communication between office peers, business partners, and future company leadership.

What’s Next for Your Workplace?

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